Residential Real Estate Closings

Purchasing or selling property can be complicated and stressful.  The purchase or sale of a primary home often represents an individual's most significant financial transaction.  As a result, it is generally good practice to hire an experienced real estate closing attorney.  Attorneys can handle the real estate transaction and ensure that your rights are protected.  The Floyd Firm is an experienced real estate closing attorney.   

Services vary depending upon your needs and the nature of the real estate transaction. Each county, municipality, and city have different laws and ordinances regarding real estate transactions. 

The real estate process usually begins with the hiring of a realtor.  The property is then marketed so the seller and a buyer negotiate price and sign a sales contract.  This process seems straightforward, but an attorney will provide advice regarding scope, disclosures, and taxes.  

The transaction usually involves 4 steps:    

  1. Real estate negotiation and execution of sales contract

  2. Pre-closing due diligence

  3. Real estate closing

  4. Post-closing